I wasn’t able to watch the Republican debate last night from Florida, but in following it on Twitter and reading about it this morning, I continue to be struck by how few chords this new GOP strikes with me.  It just isn’t my Republican Party any more.  On so many fronts the party and its leading candidates for President are truly in wacko land.  The audience in Florida last night wasn’t any better, worse in fact, when it loudly supported Ron Paul stating that the government should not help a hypothetical 30-year-old because he didn’t have health insurance.  Video of this segment of the debate can be watched here. This follows up the audience last week in California that enthusiastically applauded capital punishment.  Yea, go death.

Finally, let me close by referencing, and recommending, a Steven Perlstein piece that was published on the Washington Post website on Saturday (September 10, 2011).  It enunciates a number of the reasons I no longer consider myself Republican.  The piece is entitled The magical world of voodoo “economists”,