Yesterday I was introduced, via a Facebook friend, to Susan Boyle of Blackburn, Scotland.  My introduction was via a YouTube videoof her performance in the British television show called Britain’s Got Talent.  It was reminiscent of the performance of Paul Potts from the same show two years ago.  Paul Pott’s performance can be found here.  (Embedding is not allowed or I’d have embedded both videos here).

What’s interesting about both performances is that we are presented visually with an image of someone who we expect to fail, probably because they are not pretty and look like an everyman.  When they soar, so do our spirits as we watch them.  We realize, I think, that we could likewise possess a hidden talent that would allow us to soar as well.  For the moment we can soar vicariously.  And so we do.

And so let me introduce you to Susan Boyle of Scotland singing “I Dreamed a Dream”.  

For more on the story, there’s a Washington Post piece today entitled The Scot Heard Round the World.  I’m particularly interested in the Susan Boyle story since her stated hometown is, as she explains in the video, a group of villages that include Bathgate, Scotland.  Bathgate is the birthplace of my maternal grandfather who no doubt dreamed a dream when he left Scotland for Canada in the early 1900s.  I like to think I and the rest of his progeny are continuing to live his dream.