We’re getting used to talking about money in the trillions of dollars.  How much is a trillion anyway?  Here’s an excerpt from Kathleen Parker’s column in today’s Washington Post (A Cool Look At Those Trillions) to give us some context:

Chris Martenson’s online “Crash Course” in economics explains a trillion this way: First, picture a million dollars as a four-inch stack of thousand-dollar bills. A comparable billion-dollar stack is 358 feet tall. A trillion-dollar stack of thousand-dollar bills stands 67.9 miles high.

It’s a bit mind-boggling and, indeed, a whole lot of money.  Yet Kathleen Parker’s column today and a superb column by Steven Pearlstein in Wednesday’s Post (Debt Doesn’t Have to Be A Burden) explain why, as large as trillions of dollars are, these sums aren’t as frightening as they might first seem.  Of course, we can’t go on doing this forever, but for now, they are probably necessary and manageable.  I recommend both articles.

Another worthwhile-read from last week if you have the time is Obama’s Ball and Chain by the New York Times’ Thomas L. Friedman.

Apologies for being ‘off the air’ late this last week, but the organization for which I work was meeting in Washington, DC and I was completely consumed by it.  Hopefully, this week will be back to normal.