I stated in my earlier email that I was very impressed with leadership speeches.  I should have said, of those I listened to — Boehner, Blunt and Hoyer.  I did not hear Speaker Pelosi, however.  According to Christian Bourge with Congress Daily PM, “House Minority Whip Blunt, the GOP’s chief negotiator on the package, said the GOP lost about a dozen votes after House Speaker Pelosi’s floor speech on behalf of the measure, which Blunt and House Minority Leader Boehner called inappropriately partisan.”

What a shame that the Speaker couldn’t grasp what everyone else in leadership did that this wasn’t a time for overt partisanship.  Speaker Pelosi joins in sharing repsonsibility for this debacle today.  This didn’t have to happen today and there are many to blame.  For those interested, here is Speaker Pelosi’s floor speech yesterday on the bailout bill.  Helpful to the cause of passage of the bill it was not.