Listening to the speeches of House leadership, Democrat and Republican, I have never felt prouder of being an American.  I heard good people putting aside partisan interests and trying their hardest to do what was best for America.  And then the House voted and I never felt more ashamed.

The House defeated the bill by a margin of 228-205.  Republicans voted by more than 2/3 against.  Shame on them.  At least Democrats by a good majority voted in favor of passage.  As I write this parliamentary maneuvers are under way that may allow a revote.

As I watched the vote take place on CSPAN I signed onto my brokerage account to get a live picture of the U.S. stock market’s reaction.  The DOW was down about 300 as the vote started.  As it looked like it was going to lose, the loss pushed above 700.  It’s since settled back, as I write this, to about 450 down.  That’s a bad day on the market folks.  And it’s going to get worse in the coming days unless the House remedies things fast.  That’s unfortunately not the half of what’s going to happen in the coming days.  Also, you might want to make sure you have some cash.  Things could get bad.

I suggest this serve as the day we were provided the list of those members of Congress who deserve to be defeated in the next election.  I will print those names here as soon as I have them.  Let the campaign begin.