Theater of Special Note

I shared a few weeks ago (here) that I’d seen the musical Billy Elliot in previews on Broadway in New York (and loved it).  It’s finally opened and at least in the Washington Post has received a great review.  In case you’re interested the review is entitled ‘Billy Elliot': Fleet-Footed Though Not Without Flab.  (Peter Marks, the Post reviewer, has a hard time saying anything that’s totally positive, so this is verygood.)  I also saw Trent Kowalik in the lead role and he was, indeed, terrific.  See it if you have the opportunity.  It’s a rousing show.

I was in New York City over the weekend and had the great fortune of being able to see Billy Elliot, The Musical on Broadway.  It is absolutely fabulous and I can’t recommend it more highly.  See it by hook and by crook.  It is a wonderful experience.  Here’s a preview.