The Washington Post this morning analyzed the results of new Washington Post/ABC News Poll in a story entitled In poll, many still skeptical of GOP.  The story was authored by Dan Balz and Jon Cohen.

I cite the poll and story this morning in part as they are generally supportive of some of the statements made in my recent posting Nonsense from the Left.  The results are generally supportive of my contention that the 2010 election was a vote against the party in power and that Republicans would be unwise to regard the vote as a broad mandate for their conservative agenda.  The poll would also suggest that voters expect Republicans to compromise.

The poll was conducted since the President’s compromise with Republicans on taxes.  It shows little erosion of President Obama’s support among Liberal Democrats (now at 87%) and it shows the electorate apparently still trusts Obama more than it trusts Congressional Republicans on his/their ability to handle the main problems the nation faces (43%-38%).  At 43% President Obama also comes in higher than George Bush in 2006 (31%) and Bill Clinton in 1994 (34%) following similar mid-term electoral defeats.

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Did Governor Palin’s Speech Increase or Decrease the Chance the McCain-Palin ticket will get your vote in November?
The McCain-Palin ticket already had my vote. The speech improves the chances I’ll vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. No, I need more convincing . The speech decreases the chances I’ll vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. I’ve already decided how I’m voting in November and it’s not for the McCain-Palin ticket.   
What is your initial reaction to Senator McCain’s choice of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska to be his vice president?
It improves the chances he’ll be elected President.
It neither helps nor hurts the chances he’ll be elected President.
It decreases the chances he’ll be elected President.
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How do you rate Barack Obama’s speech tonight?
A Home Run
A Base Hit
Swing and Miss
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